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TRUST Talks™ - Financial Wellness of the Workforce: Effects on Growth


Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, Inc.
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Employees want financial education. Since most consumers have never received formal personal finance education, the workplace has become a popular arena for reaching people who desire the information, yet are unsure where to turn. Over 80% of employees indicate they would participate if financial education were available in the workplace. When employers offer workplace financial education, everyone wins…employers, staff, and society. Financial knowledge will increase an employee’s ability and confidence to make quality financial decisions, reduce financial problems, thus enabling more focus and energy on work activities.

In this presentation, you will learn how to provide your employees with the welcome benefit of financial education, with miniscule effort or expense on your part. For the cost of donuts or pizza, your staff can receive quality financial knowledge from local skilled educators. Learn what a financial education program involves, what it looks like, and how to make it successful in your company.

TRUST Talks™ are conversations with the local community that present a great idea or practice for those in business to consider and utilize.

TRUST Talks™ are our hope to build a community of people from every industry and mindset who seek a deeper understanding of best practices to help further business and commerce within the state. We believe ardently in the concepts of innovation and advancement that will ultimately lead to a proactive and advanced marketplace.